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“I got all the feels from this sweet romance…”


“…full of emotion, suspense, and fragile relationships..”

Love Rebuilt is the award-winning first book in Stewart’s new Kings Grove series – a small town romance series set beneath the Giant Sequoias in California

Connor Charles has a dark reputation in the small town of Kings Grove. A reclusive and successful horror writer, he keeps to himself, but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill in town. Connor’s keeping some dark secrets, but they aren’t the ones everybody believes.

Maddie Turner’s marriage ended in “I’m-bringing-in-a-younger-model” disaster, and when she finds herself living in a trailer, working in a diner, and stuck in the isolated mountain town where she grew up, she’s not sure how to turn it all around. When she meets Connor Charles, sparks fly, but is a mountain romance what either of them really needs?

Delancey Stewart’s latest is filled with memorable characters, humor, family, and the happily ever afters we all deserve.

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What’s Going On?

So much excitement!

Hi guys! As you can imagine, I'm excited right now because NEXT WEEK my first new book in a brand new series comes out -- Love Rebuilt! And as an author, there's not much more exciting than having a new book pop out into the world. So much work all culminates in that,...

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New Year, New Site

Welcome to my new site! I'm definitely not a skilled web designer, but having built a few sites now at work and for Evident Ink, I've learned that Wordpress is definitely the way to go in terms of functionality, so it was time to rebuild this site on a more versatile...

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Tell me, tell me, tell me

Hello! I'm checking in today as things really begin to ramp up for my new series launch in January. The first book, which you've hopefully heard of by now, is launching January 16, and is called Love Rebuilt. It's the beginning of a new series called Kings Grove, and...

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It’s Kill or Be Killed…

Okay, no, it's not. Not really. But Lunchbox keeps running around the house yelling that. I don't know where he got that from. He's also been singing Journey lately, which normally I'd be down for, but he's got the words wrong and he WON'T FIX IT when I correct him....

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What’s Next?

I'm working with my editor from Entangled on the follow up to Without Words -- Amy and Trent's story. That book is actually done (ish-- we have revision still to do and several rounds of editing after that...) and I'm drafting the third book in the series, which I...

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Release Month — MR. BIG!

PRE-ORDER HERE: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo Some early reader reviews are in:“Mr. Big is funny, emotional, and a whole lot sexy. Delancey Stewart provided romance, conflict, angst, friendship, and family [with] an entertaining cast of...

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