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Moving Inn – Chapter One

Okay guys - Here we go! You guys chose this little plot bunny to work with: A widow with two small kids moves to a small town to set up an inn with the money her husband left her. The local hotel owner isn't sure the town is big enough for the both of them...

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Write a book with me!

Hi! Guys, I'm so excited about this idea... I want you to write a book with me! Don't worry, I'll do the heavy lifting... but I think it would be so much fun to take and utilize a lot of reader input on the process of putting together a whole new story......

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Sam and Miranda are waiting for you!

Love Reimagined scurried out into the world yesterday, and I can't stop smiling. Since I've written across the gamut, from alphas and billionaires to firemen and winemakers, I feel like I've gotten to explore a lot of different kinds of heroes. And I have to say, I...

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