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Moving Inn – Chapter Three

Seth “So you met the competition, huh?” Henrietta bustled around the living room of the Tangerine Inn, bending, squatting, and tidying like the housecleaning tornado she was. I nodded at the older woman, who’d been cleaning the Inn as long as I could...

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Moving Inn – Chapter Two

The front door of the inn stuck. Maybe it wasn’t the door exactly, but the doorknob. Or maybe stuck wasn’t the right word. I had a key. It just didn’t seem to work. “Try turning it, Mom.” Zane, wanting to be helpful, was crowded up with his nose...

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Moving Inn – Chapter One

Okay guys - Here we go! You guys chose this little plot bunny to work with: A widow with two small kids moves to a small town to set up an inn with the money her husband left her. The local hotel owner isn't sure the town is big enough for the both of them...

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