Delancey Stewart writes clean contemporary romance, spicier contemporary romance, and chick lit.

Not sure which book is right for you? Find out here:

Clean Romance:  The Kings Grove Series is warm and sweet, and includes kissing and some language, but everything else happens behind closed doors. 

Spicy Romance:  Delancey’s older books are spicier, so you’ll want to grab the Vines Series, Mr. Big, the Under the Pier books, Prohibited (set in the 20s!), or The Company.

Chick Lit: The Girlfriends of Gotham are fun chick lit — no sex on the page, but there are suggestive situations and language.

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Summertime Craziness

I can't believe summer is a month from being over. I've barely been able to catch my breath! The month of July was a sprint, one that I'm happy to report I survived (barely -- if you get the Fancy, you know about the poison ivy...ugh). That said, we're just one month...

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Early reader books and thoughts about early reviews…

Whew! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks with the release of WITHOUT PROMISES and the preparation of ARCs for my next Kings Grove release, LOVE REDEFINED. I adore both books and hope you will too. There were some serious Amazon snafus with reviews the week WP...

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