The Oceanic Dreams Series

Eight fun, flirty chick lit novellas set on a singles’ cruise!

Oceanic Dreams Book Six: Take a Chance on Me

Selena Spark is about to set sail, but this is no pleasure cruise. As activities director for the Perdido Beach Resort in Miami, she’s boarding the Oceanic Aphrodite to assess the new resort on Grand Cayman that the two companies are building together. So for her? The cruise is work. 

And when her sister is left at the altar just before the ship sails? It’s the perfect chance to take her along and get her mind off cowardly jerks who leave with no explanation. Selena knows a thing or two about those. 

And that’s why learning that Lincoln Addis – Selena’s own cowardly jerk, who abandoned her six years ago – is the activities director on the ship is not ideal. Neither is having his boss direct him to show Selena and her sister a good time, and provide a personal tour of the new property. 

And learning he’s vying for the exact same position at the new resort? Also not ideal.

Selena’s not worried though. This is work. And the anger she still feels toward Lincoln should make it easy to resist all the dark-eyed muscly charm that pulled her in all those years before. 

He definitely won’t win her over again. Not with all the apologies and explanations in the world. 

Or will he?


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