Love Rebuilt Bonus Material


As a special bonus ONLY for my loyal readers, I have two really fun little bonuses that go perfectly with the first book in the Kings Grove series!

  1. A hand-drawn MAP of Kings Grove. I drafted and illustrated this map myself–with some help from my tiniest wildling. He was able to help because he’s actually been to Kings Grove before…kind of. The town of Kings Grove is based on a real place where my family has had a cabin for almost one hundred years. He recognized the layout I’d drawn, and was excited to help add some trees and rocks, along with a tiny bear in the backcountry. The map will help you visualize the world of Kings Grove as you read the books in the series. (This is your one and only warning — I am NOT an accomplished artist. But don’t worry, Lunchbox–my tiny wildling–is.)
  2. You’ll get the first chapter from Connor Charles’s scary thriller, TWISTED KNIFE. Connor is the sexy reclusive novelist hero in Love Rebuilt, and he’s famous for writing some pretty scary stuff. I had a great time writing in a different genre, even if it was just a chapter!

Okay, you’re saying…I’m in! How do I get my stuff?

Just forward your pre-order or purchase receipt via email to me here — delanceywrites at gmail dot com — and I’ll be sending out all the bonus material after January 23rd.

Thank you so much for your loyalty! I hope you’ll love Kings Grove as much as I do.