Highballs in the Hamptons

Girlfriends of Gotham - Book Two

Book Cover: Highballs in the Hamptons
Part of the Girlfriends of Gotham series:

The second Girlfriends of Gotham's book continues Natalie Pepper’s story. She’s settled in the city now, and still pining for CJ, the all-American man who actually loves her back. But she can’t seem to stop getting in her own way. In the meantime, Lulu’s got dating issues of her own—a gorgeous ER doc treats her sprained ankle (which she would point out, he also caused), and then treats her better than any other man ever has. But there’s one problem…Tippy. His Upper East Side mother and her Upper East Side attitude.

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"Book two sucked me right in again, relating to the girls, their relationships and that time of my life.... It's like reliving my twenties again! And I love it!! I enjoyed it so much and can't wait for the third!"