Girlfriends of Gotham

A fun chick lit series that will take you back to your girl squad days… Loved Sex and the City? Throw in a little Bridesmaids, and you’ve got the Girlfriends of Gotham… 

Book 1 – Men and Martinis

Welcome to New York…
After driving across the country on an impulse, I’m ready to take Manhattan. And at first, everything seems to be going my way. I luck into an apartment. I have an awesome new girl squad. Jobs are being handed out like candy, thanks to the dot-com boom. And mine means working with CJ, with his Greek-god good looks and million-dollar smile…

Yeah, I have a massive crush on my co-worker. And it’s starting to look like it’s reciprocated.
But parties every night and a job I’m in no way qualified for are taking their toll. Not to mention this completely inappropriate flirtation. 

It’s good to have distractions, like the also-inappropriate love life of my friend Candace. Because if I let myself have what I want…I could lose everything. 

Book 2 – Highballs in the Hamptons

I moved to NYC and found the perfect friends, perfect job and the perfect man. The problem? We work together. And my company has a strict no-dating policy. Much less perfect.

Date CJ of the all-American good looks and washboard abs…lose my job. At least I have choices, right? 

I finally found the perfect man – a doctor no less! But he comes with issues. Namely, his Upper East Side royalty mother. The woman goes by the name “Tippy”—if you can believe it—and she’ll stop at nothing to show me I’m just not good enough for her darling boy. 

The second Girlfriends of Gotham’s book continues Natalie Pepper’s story. She’s settled in the city now, and still pining for CJ, the all-American man who actually loves her back. But she can’t seem to stop getting in her own way. In the meantime, Lulu’s got dating issues of her own—a gorgeous ER doc treats her sprained ankle (which she would point out, he also caused), and then treats her better than any other man ever has. But there’s one problem…Tippy. His Upper East Side mother and her Upper East Side attitude. 3 – cosmos and commitment


I’ve finally got the guy. Or I thought I did until CJ’s mentor—a cougar with way too much cleavage—tries to steal him. He says there’s nothing going on, but trust isn’t my strong suit. If I can’t rein in my jealousy though, it might ruin everything. 


I left my country life behind for the big city, and the last thing I expected was for my past to come back in a big way. A big, tall, hunky cowboy kind of way. Gage Spydell—or Spider—my childhood sweetheart, has come to the big city. And I can’t figure out if I still love him or hate him. Or both. But I barely have time to consider it before I’m confronted with bigger issues and Spider has to prove his love by being there in the most real way possible.

You’ll want to hang out with your besties after reading these ROFL gems!