Love in the Vines

Book 1 – Vintage

They’ve both lost so much…can they find happiness in each other?

Isabella DaSilva hurtles toward California’s wine country to outrun her past, planning to lose her demons among the vines and prove herself as a winemaker and start a new life. 

Jonathan Sauvage is at the helm of a sinking winery, battling demons of his own and unprepared for the arrival of a fiery and opinionated apprentice. 

When Isabella shows up to intern for Chateau Sauvage, and Jonathan’s past shows up in the form of a his ex-girlfriend and a baby, he’s certain both he and the winery are doomed to fail. 

Can Isabella help save Jonathan’s family legacy? Will he allow anyone close enough to help steer the ship, and potentially win his heart in the process? 

Book 2 – Redemption Red

A broken ex-Marine. A determined culinary student. A collision course that could end in love or destruction…

Audrey Montgomery is a diligent and self-reliant culinary student at Portland’s prestigious Cordon Bleu. She has a clear picture of her future in mind, and it allows little room for the steely-eyed and tormented young man she bumps into by chance while wine tasting with friends. 

Tyson Dawes had a perfect childhood, raised among the wine and vines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. But even the most idyllic of upbringings couldn’t have prepared him for what he would face as a Marine. He returns to his childhood home angry and haunted by the storms of what he has faced and by those he has lost. 

Do opposites truly attract? Can the Audrey’s clarity and innocence offer Tyson hope in the face of his emptiness?

Book 3 – Beyond Redemption

Go back to Redemption Road Winery…where ghosts still roam the land and Rebecca can’t seem to put the past to sleep, even with Ray at her side.

While Rebecca has made peace with her family and returned home to help build the winery into a wine country destination, she is still struggling with a past that threatens to destroy everything she tries to build. 

Ray stays by her side, but doubt begins to creep in—there’s only so much one man can take.

When someone shows up from the family’s past, everyone must face the truths that time can hide and come to terms with new realities…

Will Rebecca and Ray survive the storm the stranger brings? Will the ghosts of Rebecca’s past go quietly, or will the war inside her win in the end?

This is a novella that continues the story that begins in Redemption Red.

Book 4 – A holiday delay

Dixie Fontaine is a planner. Her life is laid out before her down to the last detail. But when her fiancé announces that he has other plans just weeks before the holidays, Dixie’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble. 

A last-minute decision to travel home to see her family for the holidays leads Dixie to become stranded at the airport by a sudden snowstorm of epic proportions. All flights are cancelled, and no one’s going anywhere. Dixie’s plans? Foiled again.

Lucky for Dixie, she’s not the only one snowed in. When Brogan, a tall Irish transplant with a wicked grin and a panty-dropping accent wanders into her path, Dixie realizes that there are worse ways to spend Christmas Eve. 

A heartwarming (and sexy) holiday tale for lovers of wine, chocolate and romance! 

Wine and romance… the perfect combination!