I can’t believe summer is a month from being over. I’ve barely been able to catch my breath! The month of July was a sprint, one that I’m happy to report I survived (barely — if you get the Fancy, you know about the poison ivy…ugh). That said, we’re just one month from the kiddos going back to school and my life becoming about the routine once again.

Only this year, the routine is going to be changing a lot, and that scares me. I am a total creature of habit. I do best when I know what to expect and when I can control the schedule. For the last six years, one or both of the kiddos got on the bus at about 8am. That gave me a long morning to write, shower and get myself ready for work. But this year, Turbo has to be on the middle school bus just after 6. In the morning. This will be hard since he rarely gets up before 7:30. Also, if he’s up at 5:30, guess who isn’t writing at that time?

Everyone busses to school where we live in MD. Where I grew up, in Fresno, CA, that was not true. You biked, walked, or got a ride. No one took a bus… but here, the whole school system is geared around the busses, so they have three separate shifts of busses going every morning and afternoon, and somehow, the middle schoolers draw the early straw. Not only will he be going crazy early, but he gets out two hours earlier than I’d like. Which causes other kinds of issues… The original plan (my plan at least) was to leave my day job when he went to 6th grade… but then I took a job I really like, and I’m not ready to leave.

So I’m embracing this last month of summer because I have no clue what happens after Labor Day!

And just to make things a little crazier, I’m releasing a book in August! It’s a new book, a standalone for now (but it’s really a spinoff from the wine books and a series starter for the Starr Ranch Winery series.)

Here’s the blurb:

Reine Halverson was 100% city girl – shiny, polished, and put together. A branding specialist for a huge San Francisco firm, she’d built herself from the ground up, covering her country roots with the gleam and glamour of city life.

She might’ve been from somewhere else, but the city was her salvation. That life was behind her.

Will Starr was a cowboy, through and through. His mother had tried to make him something else, but a combat tour in Afghanistan has a way of making a man see what he’s made of. And Will knew he was made up of Northern California grapevines, a hundred-year old farmhouse, and cattle land that had been in his family for generations.

When Reine arrives at Starr Ranch Winery as part of the big city firm’s investment deal set up to save the family land, Will’s convinced she’s the last thing any of them need. But when she starts to find her way beneath his carefully built armor, he realizes there’s more at stake than the business.

Reine might just walk away with what little remains of his heart.

And the cover is coming soon…. stay tuned. In the meantime, go add it here so you’ll know when it releases!