Ever just feel like stepping into a closet, shutting the door, sliding to the floor and crying? Or maybe taking a bottle of wine and a tray of brownies in there and not coming out for, oh, like four years? Yep. That’s where I’ve been this week.

Life, as it turns out, is hard. And not always full of people patting you on the back and wanting to be your buddy. Sometimes you happen to be standing in the spot where a bird decides to drop it’s load, or where another person aims when they’re unleashing all the frustration and anger they’ve been carrying around. I’ve been in that spot this week… and I do realize it’s only Tuesday.

As a result, I’ve been distracted from the fact that I have a release coming up! May 21!

If you haven’t read the first book in the Under the Pier duet, I’ll tell you honestly, it’s one of my favorite books. By me, I mean. Is that weird? I don’t mean in the whole world, like compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald (my fave) or Stephen King… you know… But I loved writing Rob, the firefighter struggling to recover his ability to communicate… and his amazing big doggy Sampson. If you haven’t picked up that one, you should grab it first!

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Without Promises – Under the Pier, Book 2

So here’s what you need to know about the next book… It’s about Dani’s sister, Amy. And Trent, Rob’s friend…

Trent McNeil was a classic trust-fund kid until he watched a team of firefighters save his family home. From that moment on, he rebelled against the path his parents were determined to keep him on. Now a San Diego firefighter, he knows he’ll eventually be expected to take over the family empire. But until that day, his only plan is to have fun and enjoy life.

After a childhood of upset and uncertainty, Amy Hodge is going to make something out of herself. She has her future all planned out. She’s starting medical school and is going to be busy…far too busy for a relationship. But she does have time for a quick fling before she buckles down and concentrates on her studies.

Amy quickly realizes that playboy Trent is not all he seems to be. Never relinquishing control and sticking to her plans has done well for Amy, but no one has ever made her want to throw caution to the wind like this sexy firefighter.

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Get a Free Novella!

So here’s a super special offer… want to read the story that precedes the first book? It’s called Sampson, and it’s the story of how Rob came to find his best buddy, the giant German Shepherd that basically acts as his words when he can’t speak…

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