Love Reimagined scurried out into the world yesterday, and I can’t stop smiling.

Since I’ve written across the gamut, from alphas and billionaires to firemen and winemakers, I feel like I’ve gotten to explore a lot of different kinds of heroes. And I have to say, I think Sam might have been one of my favorites. He’s kind of an unassuming guy–the younger of two brothers who grew up in a tiny town–and he’s had his heart stolen by a girl he’s known his whole life. (who hates him, by the way, and also believes she’s in love with his older brother.)

Chance and Sam Palmer are the most eligible bachelors in Kings Grove, according to many of the residents who live there. They’re both handsome and strong — they run the local construction firm and share traits like a strong square jaw, and deep gray-blue eyes. But Chance is all charm and shine, where Sam is more roll-up-the-sleeves and get it done. Sam does a lot of the heavy lifting, while Chance seems to get all the glory, but their relationship isn’t as simple as it seems, and that’s a big part of what makes Sam who he is (and Chance too, though we’ll explore that in the next book — Love Redefined!) Sam felt so real to me–maybe he was an assembled image of so many men I’ve known in my own life. (Not KNOWN in that way, get your mind outta the gutter!)

And Miranda is kind of lovable, though she’s not as simple as she seems, either. I think when you grow up in a tiny town, sometimes you lose sight of what might be possible for you, and that’s what has happened to Miranda… but Sam will help her get unstuck, don’t worry! (Along with Maddie from Love Rebuilt, of course!)

This week is a great time to go to Kings Grove, since both books are on sale for 99 cents during release week! Go grab them while they’re discounted!!

Love Rebuilt
Love Reimagined