Hi guys!

As you can imagine, I’m excited right now because NEXT WEEK my first new book in a brand new series comes out — Love Rebuilt! And as an author, there’s not much more exciting than having a new book pop out into the world. So much work all culminates in that, and it’s always fun to get reader reactions. Even when they’re not wonderful. But of course they’ll be wonderful, right? Because it’s an awesome book, right? Okay, I might be a tad bit biased…

But since I’m also a mom, and you know…a person… I’m almost more excited about something else. Remember the bathroom project? The one we started in OCTOBER and then didn’t finish in time for Xmas because my mother in law didn’t end up coming to stay with us? And how I’ve been sharing a shower with my two wild little boys? (I mean, not literally sharing like at the same time. Not anymore!)

Well, the BATHROOM IS FINISHED! (note that “finished’ might be an exaggeration. In this case, it means it has a working and useable shower/bath, sinks and a toilet. Paint, mirrors and towel racks will be forthcoming. You know, like when we get to it.) So in addition to reminding you to please go grab my newest book, I’m also excited to present… THE BATHROOM! Yay!