Welcome to my new site! I’m definitely not a skilled web designer, but having built a few sites now at work and for Evident Ink, I’ve learned that WordPress is definitely the way to go in terms of functionality, so it was time to rebuild this site on a more versatile platform. I’m still figuring out Divi — so if anyone has tips, by all means… let me have them! I’ll be honest that there’s a little part of me that was sad to let Squarespace go. I think it’s a really elegant solution, but there were some things it wouldn’t let me do, and I knew that eventually I’d outgrow it. I’ve got lots of books coming out this year, and I’m going to need my site to flex with me… so here we are. It’ll get better, I promise!

In the meantime, let me take this opportunity to say Happy New Year! I don’t know what 2017 held for you… it was a good year for us, kind of. Lots of change. The Mr. and I both changed jobs — for him that meant leaving the USMC after more than 20 years, and to be honest, that was a tough transition for the whole family. It was the year we got a handle on my son’s ADHD and watched his grades and self-confidence sky-rocket as a result. It was the year I decided I needed to retake the reins of my publishing career and move some of that effort back to Indie publishing. I’ve still got books coming out with traditional publishers this year, and I’m not leaving my awesome agent until she makes me! I’m still very hopeful that a few things might pan out on that side of the publishing world for me too, but I like the feeling of being in control, and traditional publishing has been so frustrating for having had to give up so much of that control.

That said, watch this space for some news! I’ve got two new series launching early this year… Love Rebuilt is coming out in just 2 weeks, the first book in the Kings Grove series, and I’m really excited about that. If you’re not on my mailing list, sign up now because loyal readers are getting a few freebies associated with that that you can’t get any other way!

I’m also launching a second series in February — a spin-off from my Love in the Vines books… and I can’t wait to share that one with you!

Best wishes for a productive and joyful 2018!