UPDATE: This giveaway is closed!

I attended a great craft workshop with Alexandra Sokoloff this weekend, who teaches authors how to steal strategies from Hollywood to hit the right notes in all kinds of books. It was enlightening and a lot of fun, and I left convinced I needed a LOT more Post-It notes and a bright shiny new notebook. 

So I bought two. But I don’t need two, and I bet YOU need one! Want to win one of these? Here’s all you need to do… 

1) Go add Without Words or Mr. Big to your TBR pile at Goodreads. (click the titles for the link!)

2) Tell me which notebook you prefer (so I’ll know which one to send you if you win!) 

3) Post a comment here to tell me you’ve done #1 and answer #2! 

That’s it…easy, peasy!