I spent the weekend ahead of this book release super excited to see WITHOUT WORDS out in the world. It’s been getting great reviews, and it really is super exciting to be behind the scenes, letting my little book take the stage! 

But there were MUCH more glamorous things happening around here this weekend… no, I don’t mean champagne-fueled release parties or limo rides and dinners to celebrate (though I wouldn’t mind any of that. Ahem… Mr. Stewart??) 

Instead, I drove our tractor around the yard hauling mulch here and there, shoveling it from a huge pile on the driveway and making circles under all our trees. The kids took turns “helping” and after two long days of shoveling and hauling, it got done. 

I also trimmed bushes with our electric trimmer. That’s pretty exciting right there, no? The highlight of that was managing to cut THROUGH the extension cord. (I wondered what all the sparks were about…) I didn’t cut clean through, and with some electrical tape, all was fine. 🙂 

I told you it was an exciting weekend… In truth, the hubs and I did manage to spend Friday afternoon together without the wildlings around. There’s a little winery nearby on the water, so we hung out there and enjoyed the sunshine… 

I hope you had a great weekend — Happy Monday!