This cover has generated a lot of…discussion. 

It might not be subtle, but it is hot… Meet Mr. Big! Oliver Cody, CEO of Cody Tech and the hero of this sexy contemporary romance. 

Here’s a little preview…

I couldn’t have told you why, besides the fact that my dick was acting like an attention-starved puppy suddenly, but I didn’t want her to go. I wanted her to stay, to talk to me. Even if it was just to continue telling me I was a jerk.

“Holland,” I called to her back.

She spun, her mouth a tight line as she prepared her next shot. “Yes, asshole?” Her head cocked to one side, spilling that glossy hair in waves over one shoulder, one breast. My dick hardened even more as I imagined that hair falling down around her face while she rode me.

“Have dinner with me.”

“Get a life,” she said, turning back around and picking up her things. She packed a laptop into a bag and then passed me one more time, her hips swinging as she purposefully ignored me and exited into the lobby.

Holland was the first thing I’d really wanted in as long as I could remember.

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