So “secret” might not be the right word. Here’s the thing: reviews sell books. But it’s hard to get reviews if you haven’t sold any books. Kind of a chicken and egg type problem, no?

With the release of COSMOS AND COMMITMENT, the third book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series, I’m trying something different. I’m willing to give the book away to anyone willing to review it at Amazon and Goodreads. No, I can’t really track whether each person I send the book to reviews it. We’re going to have to be on the honor system, I guess. But who would take advantage of a struggling author and mom, and a military spouse to boot? I guess I’m not super worried about it, actually.

So if you’d like to be an advance reader and reviewer for COSMOS AND COMMITMENT, fill out the “subscribe” form you see to the right of this post, and you’ll receive a link to sign up for the ARC!

Thanks so much in advance!


*Note – JUNE 2016 – The giveaway for Cosmos and Commitment has ended, but I’ve decided to give away the first book in the series! Sign up to the right!