Release day is close… and there’s so much to do! (For me, not for you!) I’ve had parents in town… a trip to the ER for my tiniest tiny, and a birthday party in the past week. (all three of those were happening on ONE night, too…whew!) This week, I’ve got a root canal (oh joy!) and a vacation coming up (joy here — no sarcasm).

What do you have going on? I hope that one of the things on your list is to go pre-order MEN AND MARTINIS if you haven’t read it yet. See? There’s the link. I’m so helpful like that. 

And here’s something to add to your list: Go sign up for the giveaway at Goodreads. You can win a paperback copy of the book — and the paperback is SUPER pretty. I pet my proof copy regularly… I’ll even sign it for you before I send it off, if you win! 

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