The kids are super excited because we have a snow day today. We got a foot of snow overnight, which down here is kind of like seeing a Yeti. Okay, maybe not that rare, but this is not a place that has the infrastructure to easily handle even a little snow. So we’re out of school today… That means, after a four day weekend of frigid temperatures (and thus being inside all day every day), I get ONE MORE DAY of being the sole entertainment for my tiny terrors. 

Luckily, the sun is shining… and we went out to play in the snow (and shovel the driveway), and were so pleasantly surprised when our neighbors came by with an ATV and a tube and offered the boys a ride. 

We moved just about a month ago to a new neighborhood. We’d been renting for a few years and have finally admitted that we most likely will not be headed back west anytime soon. So we settled. Literally and somewhat figuratively. And we bought a house and it’s great, and we are excited…but I miss our neighbors, and so do the kids. Our rental was idyllic – a cul-de-sac with kids in every house and a bus stop right at the top of the street. A sled hill just beyond the last house and no traffic (so kids riding bikes and driving tiny cars and generally enjoying being out and safe.) And I had the kind of neighbors with whom you could just sit and have a glass of wine and watch the kids run around. And it was casual and easy and so, so warm. 

And then we moved. Voluntarily. And I miss that easy way of seeing a friend across the street and naturally heading into their house (or ours) for a cup of tea or a glass of wine without thinking much about it. 

Being the new kids is always hard. And moving in the dead of winter when people tend to stay indoors makes it especially hard to make new friends. I want to knock on doors and announce that we are super fun neighbors and we’re your new best buddies… but that’s probably not appropriate. 

So I was SO excited when our neighbors down the street saw us out playing and came over to chat and to ask if the little boys might like a ride on the innertube. 

Snow days can be a drag — but they can also be really fun. Just like moving is hard… but can also be rewarding.