For my family, that will be a NEW home for the holidays — nothing’s quite as fun as moving at the holidays, right? Here’s the crazy schedule… we are putting in new carpet this week, moving officially to be in by the 15th, and welcoming guests for Xmas on the 22nd! Yikes! It seems a little un-doable, but I have found that things just generally work out. I’m trying not to worry too much.

So, I’ve released a holiday novella, because I wanted just ONE MORE THING to do this season! (Actually, this is something I can control, so it is impossible not to work!!) 

It’s called A Holiday Delay! I’m super excited about it. Find the cover and description below along with links to pick it up! Right now it’s at B&N, but it’ll be everywhere soon. Watch this page for updated links!


You can find it at B&N | Amazon | Kobo | iBooks