Adagio, the New Adult contemporary romance set in the world of professional ballet, was on tour all last week. It was exciting seeing people interact with the world of the Union ballet, and offer their thoughts about the characters and the plot. Thanks to Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for a really fun week!

In this book, there’s a clear villain, which was so fun to write. There’s also a hint of a mystery and lots of realistic ballet world insider views. 

Though I was in no way a dancer of professional caliber, nor did I have the body for it, I based the ballet portions of the book on my own experiences in the ballet world. I danced from the age of three up to twenty, and performed with a local company during most of my childhood and teenage years. We didn’t have much of the drama that you see in the book, but there was enough to give me an idea what it might be like when the stakes are much higher. (After all, at my company, we got paid in pointe shoes — at Union, this is a life they’ve worked for at the expense of everything else, and it’s their “real” jobs!) 

I had friends go to professional companies, and knew a few dancers when I lived in New York. I still take ballet classes regularly, and hope that I’ve had enough exposure to ballet through my life to make the setting feel real. (Sounds like it worked — I got lots of comments about this in the reviews.) 

All in all, it’s a fast-paced romp full of drama and set in a world that most people don’t get to see much of, and I hope you’ll give it a read. Allegro, the second book in the series, will be out early next year, so now is a great time to meet the characters!

Adagio is on sale at Amazon for only 99 cents for the rest of today. You’ll still be able to grab it at a reduced rate through the weekend (1.99), but then it’s going back to regular price!