Today is a big day. New Adult Alley relaunched today. 

You might wonder why I’m mentioning this, and that’s a little bit of a long story. This spring I began to wonder why it seemed like the new adult fiction that got all the press was pretty similar. That isn’t to say that it wasn’t really good — just that it all seemed to have a lot in common. It was super angsty and dark in general, seemed to require some rather damaged heroes and heroines, and usually bordered on erotica. It was mostly romance, and heavily contemporary. And I began to wonder why a category — like new adult — would be so confined to one genre. YA doesn’t suffer from the same limitations. We have YA romance, sure, but we also have fantasy and sci fi, dystopian and inspirational, historical and literary. But NA didn’t seem to enjoy the same breadth. And that bothered me. 

Part of my interest was because some of my NA — like my books with Carina — are historical, and that’s not exactly a popular place to be (not that historical YA has really taken off either, come to think of it). But it was more a concern that the media generally portrayed NA as “YA with sex.” And it can be so much more. 

So I got together with a group of really awesome and inspired authors and bloggers to talk about this. And to try to see if maybe we could spawn a place to promote what we started to call “speculative” NA. That term was a little hard for me, since I don’t really write spec. If anything, most of my work falls pretty solidly into contemporary. But I want the category to grow, and to gain respect and breadth. Together, we began to formulate a plan to build a community that would promote the underdogs in NA. 

And then NA Alley announced that many of the founding members were leaving. And that the ones who remained were looking to do something a little bit different. And they heard about what we were doing and invited us to talk about potentially coming together to form a new NA Alley. 

Long story short, the little group of NA mavericks that I pulled together are now part of the new NA Alley. I am officially an “ambassador” which makes me feel quite important! All that means is that I represent the non-speculative arm of NA Alley when it comes to scanning the market and discussing topics of interest in historical, literary and suspense, as well as contemporary NA. I’m not alone — the awesome members of NA Alley had recruited an incredible team of writers, too, so I’ve got a bunch of people who are going to help promote some of the less-celebrated aspects of NA.

And we’re going to have awesome contests and events, giveaways and other excitement. And the popular NA Crush Tournament will be reimagined for 2015…stay tuned! 

So if you haven’t been to check out the new NA Alley, go check it out and bookmark it to check back often. I might be a little biased, but I think it’s gonna be pretty cool.