It was a long time ago, though I still get to ballet class twice a week if I can. And it’s SO much harder than I remember. But nothing in the world feels as good to me. Maybe because it’s the one thing I’ve been doing since I was three years old. (That and talking and eating. Maybe that is why I talk and eat so much, too…)
Anyway, I have a new series launching next month. It’s so close I can almost smell the sweaty pointe shoes. Because, yes, it’s a ballet series! The first book is called ADAGIO, and it’s all about the goings-on behind the scenes (and on the stage) in a particularly snarky ballet company. I can’t wait to share it with you now that the beta readers have gone through it and shown me all the places where it can be SO MUCH BETTER (Thanks, Guys…)

In honor of the ballet, and all that goes with it, I thought this piece I found on Bustle was particularly apt! Enjoy!