Or it’s supposed to be, right? It’s almost Valentine’s Day.
As a grownup, I’m not sure what that really means to me. My husband and I have fallen into the stodgy mindset that this is a day created to sell cards and flowers. We will never again make the mistake of heralding the fine dining cattle call on Valentine’s night after a particularly horrible experience at Mr. A’s in San Diego many years ago. It’s not worth the price hikes, cold entrees and hovering wait staff pushing  you out so they can seat someone else at your table. It’s certainly not romantic… With all that there is to be negative and grumpy about on this day…why is it that I still hope he’ll walk through the door Friday after work with an armful of flowers or a box of chocolate? Why is there still some part of me that wants to buy in? Maybe I’m a romantic hypocrite.

Now that I have kids, there’s a whole other — very welcome — aspect to the day. I spent hours filling out Ninja Turtle valentines with the boys… Yesterday we rolled pretzel sticks in white chocolate, covered them with sprinkles and wrapped them up for the big guy’s class… today we’ll make heart-shaped cookies and decorate them for the small guy’s class. I love that they’re far too young to be jaded or put off by holidays that come with lots of glitz and goodies. It makes it fun for me to still be excited.

Actually, my life philosophy — when it comes to commercialized holidays, birthdays, or any other reason to buy a bunch of Hallmark crap and blow paper horns — is that if there’s an excuse to make a day special, shouldn’t we take it? Life can be long and dreary, I think… why not embrace any reason to make one stand above the drudgery of countless days that are all the same? Bring on the glitter and heart-shaped candies! (Now if I could just get the hubs to buy in, too!)

Do you have any Valentine’s traditions? Do you fall on the romantic side or are you more like the hubby, who thinks that he shouldn’t be told when to be romantic?

I hope you’ll share your thoughts… and come back this week for a fun V-day prize pack of awesome books and a gorgeous bracelet, courtesy of some of my author pals! Here’s a quick view of what’s up for grabs… I’ll post the rafflecopter tomorrow!