Have you gotten a chance to read MEN AND MARTINIS yet? I hope the answer is yes. I’m so excited about this book… it tickles me to watch the reviews creeping in. Here are a couple lines from recent reviews that I love:

I could not stop giggling out loud at this book. Between the totally excellent 90’s dotcom party setting and the strong personalities of the ‘girlfriends’, it was impossible to put down.

Love that…

The plot is more compelling than most in this genre, and the humor quite entertaining. I am convinced that if you read this book you will want more from this author.

So nice!

Stewart nailed life in late 90’s NYC dot com era. If you lived through it, or are just curious, you must read this book.
Great character development and easy read.

It’s a strange experience – reading the reactions of other people to something you tend and grow and nurture and then send out into the world. Kind of like getting a phone call from my son’s teacher about something nasty he did at school. Yesterday. So maybe the purpose of this entire post is to try to celebrate something that I put out there doing well in the face of anticipating a call from the vice principal today about something ELSE that I’ve put out there doing things that are NOT SO NICE. I’ve warned him that the elf is watching… but this time of year is so tough for the little guys. So much excitement!

Wish me luck on that call… and let me know your thoughts on MEN AND MARTINIS! I’m about a quarter of the way through the sequel, and hope the publisher will want to release books two and three in 2014! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, pick it up at Amazon, B&N or Kobo!