So I’ve done a couple blog tour-type things before… but I really hadn’t had — as my hubs would call it — the full meal deal. This time — Redemption Red’s tour with Literary Mania Reviews — is a whole different thing. It was well-organized, and after just one day (and a day that was not my definition of fantastic in terms of my “real” life), I’m left sitting here, grinning. I just got through the posts that were put up about my work today… and I’m a bit flabbergasted. My favorite line from today’s reviews over at The SubClubBooks:

I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I started reading this book, but when I finished it I was left wondering where Delancey Stewart came from. This story was beautiful, unique and funny.

So nice!

And this one was over at First Class Books:

After I finished Redemption Red, I was kind of left speechless. I had just finished something that gripped me. Tyson. Wowza. First of all, he is HOT HOT HOT! Boy might need to carry a fire extinguisher with him for his hotness. His story about broke my heart and not just once. It was over and over. Audrey is his light. I don’t want to go into too much and spoil it, but I have to say it was refreshing reading a lead female who was able to stand on her own feet and not forgetting everything she was before she met the man. I can’t wait to read more from Delancey because Redemption Red was so well written! 4 stars ****

Again… I’m speechless.