I’m headed back into the editing cave for a couple weeks… MEN AND MARTINIS is back on my plate, a fact that I’m both excited and terrified about. If you’ve been with me a while, you know that M&M has been a LONG process. This book is the first of a possible six (three for sure) being published by Swoon Romance. The book they initially offered on was a sloppy mass of ideas that I pitched as a novella. The awesome (and patient) editors there have helped me through one complete and total rewrite (which turned this from a 20k word idea to a 70k word novel), and now I’m headed into another round of edits. This one isn’t a total rewrite, thank goodness… but having the publishing team’s experience and professional eyes behind the comments is pretty good motivation to follow their direction. And it’s never fun to hear that your baby’s not beautiful in every way! 

So I’ve got a full two weeks to get back into the world of M&M — which is a world I actually lived in: NYC in the late 90s — and get this thing polished enough to go on to copyediting! 

In the meantime, I’m so excited for REDEMPTION RED to hit the streets on October 15th. The blog tour is shaping up nicely (Thanks to all who are participating!). Review copies are out, and initial reviews are even beginning to trickle in! Here’s the first one from Goodreads… eee!

I won’t post any spoilers, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed Redemption Red. It is a modern romance in every sense, brining together two characters that have depth in their own lives and a complexity in their relationship as a couple – romantically and otherwise. I loved how opposite yet similar Audrey and Tyson were – and that their story wasn’t an open shut case. It took time, just like a good wine, to mature into what it was supposed to be. 

LOVED! Off to read more Delancey Stewart titles, because now I have to! 🙂

There’s one coming soon from author Michelle Lynn (who wrote Love Me Back and just released Don’t Let Go — both of which are selling gangbusters on Amazon! Woot!) It is always a great feeling when an author you admire says something nice about your work!