A little less, actually… The almost-done version is in the hands of beta readers and early reviewers and I’m beginning to get feedback, which is so fun (because the feedback has been good!) I can’t wait to send this one out into the world…I think it’s a great mix of wine, food, romance and atmosphere. And I have a feeling that those who look for book boyfriends will enjoy Tyson Dawes. I loved writing him… now I just need to stop comparing real live men to him!
If you are a book blogger or reviewer and would like to be involved in the post-launch tour (October 21-26), you can sign up HERE… There are going to be some great giveaways along the way!

Now I’m diving into edits for the first book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series… The first book, Men and Martinis, is slated to publish in early December!