Maybe Men & Martinis has me on an alliteration kick. (Referring to today’s title)… Not sure.
I have just printed out the first draft of Redemption Red, which is now sitting in a tidy little binder on the edge of my desk. I know it needs to be essentially ripped apart and put back together. I wrote it over such a span of time and geography that I feel distant from some parts of the story and almost as if I don’t remember other parts! I have no idea how guys like George R.R. Martin can write a novel over years (or a series over 20!!) I’d never be able to keep it all straight. I’m much more of a sprinter, though I do have three novels that have been lingering out there in the murk. One of them is the dream…the one I’ve always wanted to write. But I feel weirdly unworthy of approaching it. If I try to finish it now, it’ll turn into a New Adult romance, which isn’t the intention for that book. Maybe the problem with it is that I’ve somehow built it up in my head into being representative of my Opus… and it’s probably just a book. Oh well.

Swoon has been in touch about edits for Men and Martinis, and the book (and the Girlfriends) have been much more on my mind lately as I know that I’ll be diving back into that world soon to edit. I’m also starting to build some ideas for books two and three (the contract is for three books… there’s an option for another three… starting to look rather daunting). But I LOVE these stories (or I did before I submitted the first one – I hope I will love it as much once I’ve gotten through all the red pen! I’m kind of terrified to get it back from the editor, if you want the truth… It’s always hard showing your baby to someone and hearing that it’s kinda ugly!) Anyway, the semi-firm publication date is now early December, which would be a great holiday gift for me (and for you, too! wink wink).

SO…I have an idea. Wanna help name the second or third books? I’m kind of stuck coming up with titles, and could use some fresh ideas. I think the idea is to stick with the alliteration format, ideally using a cocktail for one of the words. The other word should be New Yorky or man-related… Any ideas? If anyone suggests something that we end up using, I promise some kind of nice reward!

All right… I’m off to edit. (well, not really. I’m off to make some pumpkin streusel rolls… but after that. right.)