Today I’d like to introduce Penelope Reece, author of Sing for Me and Phantasma. Penelope writes in the YA and paranormal romance genre, and has been nice enough to answer some questions for me today! Be sure to check the bottom of this post, too — Penelope has included a coupon for a discount on Phantasma!
Read below for Penelope’s answers to my not-so-standard QA!

In what part of the country do you live? From what part do you originate?

I was born and raised in Southern Indiana. After moving to South Korea for three years, I decided to come back home. I suppose that means: born a Hoosier, die a Hoosier. (Secretly I wish my husband and I could move to Europe).

Do you have siblings? Where do you fall in the pecking order and do you think it’s influenced your life?

I have an older brother, so I was the jealous second child. Growing up it seemed (to me, it wasn’t actually like this) that my brother got everything and got to do everything. Though, this also meant that I was the “baby” of the family and was treated thus. I hate to say it, but now that I am in my twenties, I am still being treated as the “baby.” It makes things difficult at times because my mother still likes to know where I am and what I am doing.

How did you meet your best friend?

I met my best friend in marching band. We remained close during high school and throughout college. However, since she moved to Japan we don’t talk to one another as often as I’d like.

When did you begin writing?

I began writing when my mother first let me play on her old typewriter when I was in elementary. Since then I’d written off and on. However, it wasn’t until high school that I actually started to write.

What has surprised you most about the process of being published?

The readers and reviews. I worried a lot about that. I still do actually. But seeing the good reviews makes me feel so indescribably elated. It’s such a great feeling to know someone liked your work.

Is writing your “day job”? If not, what else do you do?

If by day job you mean spending every waking moment writing, then yes, writing is my day job. Though I do tutor as well.

What Jelly Belly flavor is your favorite?

Ouch. I don’t like jelly bellies. Never did. Though I do have a major sweet tooth.

If you sat down at a bar at this moment, what would you order to drink?

Yikes again! I don’t drink either nor do I go to bars. But if I did I would just order a plain old Coca Cola. (*Editors Note: I forgive Penelope for not drinking. She doesn’t have children yet. Just kidding. Kind of. Also, they have Coke at bars? Oh, yeah… to mix with the rum, I suppose…)

What was the last book you finished?

I read a lot. So much so that I can’t really recall what I recently finished. My brain has been pretty focused on my new manuscript. I will tell you what I’m reading now and that is Jane Eyre. I love classic literature, especially gothic.

What has been your favorite writing project to work on?

Each project has been my favorite while working on them. With that in mind, my newest project is obviously my favorite. It’s very gothic with lots of dark rainy days, mystery, words spoken on the wind. I absolutely love it. I grew up reading gothic romances and have always wanted to write my own.

Are there any characters – yours or another author’s – that have stayed in your head after you’ve finished their book?

Mr. Darcy. Always Mr. Darcy. But Rochester is slowly overtaking him. Above them both however is one Sir Percival Blakeney, the scarlet pimpernel. Without him, there’d be no Zorro, thus no Batman.

What performance would you drop everything to see if it came to your town? (Band, artist, opera, ballet, whatever…)

Phantom of the Opera.

Give us a couple of your favorite lines from your WIP…

I can’t say these are my favorite, but I wanted to leave the reader with something.

“That floral bouquet was like death to me. Beneath that sweet musk, I could smell the putrid odor of dirt and rot.”

phantasma-front-kindleAbout Phantasma:

Good school, nice friends, and a loving family. Alphie Brewster’s life seems perfect except for one growing problem. She’s plagued with vivid nightmares, and is haunted by a forgotten past. And it’s only getting worse.
The day she finds a mysterious necklace, Alphie wakes to see a ghostly figure leaning over her bed. Now she’s got an even greater problem. A six foot four inch tall eccentric spook, named Noer, who has to possess her in order to stay in this world. He fills her with fire while slowly draining her energy as if she were a Duracell Battery.Now her problems only seem to be escalating. The more she learns about Noer, the more she starts to remember her childhood. One that should have stayed buried and could very well tear her apart.

About Penelope:

Penelope Reece, Penn for short (b. 1984) is an author living in Central Indiana with her husband of two years and her tiny Pomeranian, Kodi. She graduated from Indiana University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She then went on to spend nearly three years in South Korea where she taught English in a private academy. It was here that she met and married her husband in June of 2010. They recently moved back to the States in March of 2012.

DCIM100MEDIA Penelope’s been writing ever since her nerdy high school days where her joys were limited to marching band and day dreaming. Her other joys include reading, crocheting, snuggling her little Kodi-man, and watching comedic TV shows such as Parks, the Mighty Boosh, and the IT Crowd. She also enjoys watching Korean dramas, listening to her husband sing. As well as being hyper and annoying her husband as much as she can.