I know things have been quiet around here lately — at least in terms of me actually doing any blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of hosting and talking about other peoples’ books!
Summer is in full swing at our house, and that has meant that my writing pace has slowed considerably. Most of that is new schedules with summer camps and afternoon swim lessons and family outings in the kayaks or to the pool. I’m a creature of habit and I thrive on routine. And my routine has been interrupted! And that’s about to be an understatement. I’m taking the tiny boys on a cross-country trip to visit all of our friends and family in our home state (California). The hubs has to hold down the fort (and work) while we’re out gallivanting around, but I’m hoping to distract the little people with enough fun and frivolity that they won’t miss their dad too much.

Men and Martinis is with the publisher for a content edit. Since this is their first full read through since a major (MAJOR) revision this spring, I’m waiting on pins and needles for reactions. Other than emails that the new opening is great, I have no idea what they’re thinking about it all, so I’m trying to be patient, not stalk them to see if they mention it on Twitter, and generally play grownup. Since that’s off my desk until mid-August, I’ve been writing the first draft of Redemption Red, the second book in the Wine Country Romance series. My plan is to publish this in late August or early September… and I’m super excited, because when it launches, I’m rebranding the series with hot new covers for A Rare Vintage, too!

So I’ll be working on my trip. On my teeny tiny laptop, which will take some getting used to. I’m totally spoiled at home, where I sit at my big grownup desk with a 27″ screen in front of my face. My laptop screen is only 13″, so it’s an adjustment. But I’m looking forward to quiet nights after the boys are exhausted from running around, sitting on a patio with a glass of wine and my book. I’ll be in the mountains for a week at one point on our trip, so hope to pound out most of it up there… Of course, all of this depends on the cooperation of tiny and unpredictable people, so we’ll see. I’m definitely not planning to get anything done on the plane. That will be six solid hours of tantrum mitigation activities. Snacks, Leapsters, movies, crayons, trips to the bathroom… argh.

I have some things scheduled for the blog while I’m away, so I’m not leaving you with nothing… in fact, there’s a very fun event coming up that I’m taking part in – the Blogger Book Fair! Should be fun! Click the button on the right side of my blog for some more info on that…

Enjoy the rest of your summer… I’ll be back in August!