As part of the ramp up excitement for December’s New Adult Sleepover Weekend, a bunch of New Adult authors are doing a cooperative blog tour. You’ve read about a couple of other amazing new adult authors on my blog – JC Emery, Andrea Heltsley, and Tawdra Kandle… and today it’s my turn! You’ll find my NA profile on their blogs and on others across the blogosphere this week (how exciting!)
Learn more about me than you’d ever care to know at Tawdra’s blog today… enjoy!

And when you’re done, why not go add A Rare Vintage and Men and Martinis to your Goodreads shelf? And pick up a copy of A Rare Vintage if you want some fun reading. No formal reviews yet, but so far early readers have told me, “I thoroughly enjoyed it” (okay, that was my mom), and “I couldn’t put it down – I almost missed my kid’s guitar recital because I didn’t want to stop reading!”