The first NEW ADULT SLEEPOVER WEEKEND will be held in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, December 6-8, 2013. I can’t wait to be there, be part of the fun and share my New Adult books!

To get us really excited about the weekend, the fabulous Dawn Pendleton has been posting A DAY IN THE LIFE interviews on her website and sharing them across the blogosphere, and I’m happy to share this one with you all. . .get to know Tawdra Kandle – a fellow New Adult author. Thanks for the great idea, Dawn!

(Stay tuned for more fascinating NA authors and see past NA features here and here!)

About Tawdra:

After years of concentrating on non-fiction, mostly parenting and homeschool related articles, I realized a dream and finished my first full-length novel in 2008.FEARLESS is the first in a series of four young adult urban fiction books. It (and the rest of THE KING SERIES) is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.In my non-writing hours, I am a mother of five (four biological, one in-law) and a wife of one. I homeschool the two youngest children.Writing, reading and traveling are my passions. I love and will devour anything by Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovitch, Stephen King, Anne Perry, Julia Spencer-Fleming. . .there are too many books and not enough time!

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