I’m so excited about my new book. It’s really coming together. I found an astoundingly talented and affordable cover designer who was so amazingly fun to work with. She sent me lots of great ideas, and it was so exciting to watch the visual representation of my book come together. I’m really pleased with the result.
What’s that? You’d like to see it? I KNOW! I would like to show it to you! But I can’t. We both have to wait. When, you ask? Soon! I promise! I’m setting up a little launch tour and cover reveals now, tapping into my old marketing director neural pathways, which have been unused for a while.

The cover reveal for A Rare Vintage will take place on several blogs near you the week of May 20th. Would you like to help? If you have a book blog and would like to host a cover reveal or another launch effort between May 20th and the release date, May 31st, please let me know!

If you’re really excited and just have to do something, go add it to your shelf on Goodreads right now! Just click here!

As always, thanks for reading, and happy writing!