I have a secret. I’ve been writing a book.
I know, that isn’t really a secret of astounding proportions, is it? I’m standing here, after all, calling myself a writer. So it should make sense that I’m writing.

But I’ve started and stopped a few things while other things have been bandied about at the publisher (bandied about means edited heavily and evidently bandying involves a lot of waiting — something I’d heard about traditional publishing but had never been lucky enough to experience first hand until pretty recently. I’m still happy to be being bandied, don’t get me wrong…) And so it is a bit of a secret that I’ve started and finished something while all that other stuff was going on.

It’s a romance. Set in wine country. (In this case, Paso Robles, CA.) It’s the first of a series… and I’m going to self publish it, most likely around the end of May/first of June. The whole idea of it makes me super happy, actually…I just think its a fun book and that the series will be super fun to write. I like romance. I like wine. Heck, I’ll probably even have someone eat some chocolate or slurp down an oyster just to make it really perfect.

The title is: A Rare Vintage. The cover is in the works…

So that’s my secret. Soon, I’ll develop another part of my site — or even a new site! — for the Wine Country Romance series. But right now I’m going to go watch Pretty Little Liars because my brain doesn’t really work past 8pm.

Just wanted to share. Because I’m pretty crappy at keeping secrets.