Name the movie!
One of my very favorites…

So things have been busy. I got the manuscript for Men and Martinis back from its developmental edit, and realized many things.

  1. When you really think something’s done…it’s probably not done.
  2. There are many schools of thought on narrative in fiction. This is another post, but I just finished un-narratizing my manuscript and then read “Something Blue” by Emily Giffins this weekend, and was flabbergasted. There are whole chapters that are narrative. Like no dialogue. And its a good book. I’m gonna guess that the amount of narrative “allowed” depends on the editor, the publisher, the genre and lots of other things like moon phase and what I had for dinner. Like all “rules” of writing and publishing, it’s a fuzzy one.
  3. Having someone else invest in your work is more rewarding than I could have imagined. Having several people from the publisher actually read the whole MS and insert comments throughout — not just “this is wrong” but things like, “this isn’t working but what if you did X Y and Z or had him say something like “yaddayadda” and then tied this to that scene back on page 40?” It is an amazing thing to feel like someone else read  your words and that they cared as much about them as you do. (If you’re working on a YA novel or romance, DEFINITELY consider pitching Month9Books or Swoon Romance. So impressive so far, and the author board they’ve set up for us rings with similar endorsements.)
  4. I have a lot of work to do.

And that last one is why I haven’t been “around” as much. I need to turn the MS around this weekend if possible to get things ready to begin promotion in April… eek!

So, with that in mind, go check out: — it’s not much yet (and that is not the official cover art). But the site will be SO fun when it’s done!