There are lots of things going on at the moment… I’ve been organizing a local chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association, which will launch this month; I’m working on a series of novellas in the new adult genre for Swoon, which I’m very excited to announce shortly (this is not an announcement… this is a mention. You don’t know anything. Right? Right?); my YA romance novella, Samantha’s Solace, should be heading into revision before too long, and that will be exciting because there’ll be opinions to juggle, changes to be made, and COVER ART to reveal! (I can’t wait for that part!)
And with the idea of covers in mind, I wanted to share THIS… I think I’ve mentioned that I am moonlighting as an editor with Month9Books in my vast free time. (Sarcasm. Fits like an old pair of sweatpants. Ahhh.) Anyway, they’ve just released an awesome video announcing some of the great YA books coming out in 2013. Check it out!