The weather this weekend was sunny and warm, which was appreciated since the forecast for this week has highs reaching the mid-twenties! Too cold for this California girl. Anyway, the preview of springtime, coupled with the removal of the very last of our holiday ornaments, had me longing for warm days in the yard. I even miss mowing the lawn…
That’s why the startling steady growth of my Amaryllis has been so gratifying! I know you were just forced to hear about this and look at a tiny picture of a little green shoot sprouting up… and that was just a few days ago. But that is exactly why I must foist another photo on you. LOOK at THIS!! The thing has grown like six inches in five days!


I know… it’s crazy. I’m still waiting on so many other things… it’s nice to have this showing such steady progress.

And isn’t that the cutest cookie jar? I know what you’re thinking: “but Delancey, you said you put away all of the holiday stuff.” Right you are. He’s not a holiday snowman. He’s just a snowman. Ignore those ornaments he’s holding. (This is what I tell my husband when he complains that I still have Christmas decorations out.) Once the holidays are over, if it’s still going to be cold… I need SOMETHING to enjoy! (Maybe I should start decorating the house for some of the lesser holidays…Hmm.)

Happy MLK day and have a great week, everyone. Here’s to good news arriving for us all this week!