So I mentioned that I had some news, and that it was worthy of an announcement all its own. That is, of course, purely subjective. If you’re not me (and I have it on pretty good authority that you are not), you may not find this to be all that exciting. But my response to your lack of excitement is that maybe you should keep in mind that this is MY blog. So I’m going to post stuff that I think is cool. See how it works? You post stuff that you think is cool on YOUR blog, okay? And I’ll read it there and be all blase about it. Or perhaps I’ll find your exciting news as exciting as my own. (And if you’re a fledgling writer posting a publication announcement, I guarantee that I WILL find it very exciting. I’m empathetic like that.)
Now that we’ve got that all straight, here’s the news:

My short story, The Ninja, has been accepted for publication at Bartleby Snopes. If you haven’t heard of Bartleby Snopes, that’s okay…there are lots of great literary journals out there. But now that you know about it, you should go check it out because the editor has an eye for quality (if I do say so myself… ha.) Anyway, my story will be out in March, so I’m sure I won’t be able to restrain myself from posting about it again when its actually live.