It’s been great fun watching the numbers on Amazon climb as my book has been free for Kindle for the last three days. The site today says that almost 1500 books were downloaded as part of the promotion. I may have made a bit of an oopsie today by uploading new cover art, thinking that the change wouldn’t affect the book’s availability… still not sure about that, since the number’s stalled since I hit “submit.” Note to self: next time, wait until “free” promotion is over before making changes. Duh. This world of internet instant gratification makes that kind of restraint difficult…
The book is still at number five on Amazon’s historical fiction list (for free ebooks) and number four for short stories… It’s heady thinking that there are quite that many people out there reading something that all started with me, sitting here.

Thanks for all those who’ve been reading and reviewing – the feedback and support have been exciting.

Oh, one more thing! Through a Dusty Window was featured on – check it out!

And in case you’re new here… don’t worry, soon I’ll quit talking about what I’ve already done… there are many more things in the works!