I fall in love a lot. I’ve already discussed my fascination with Channing Tatum, I believe. Nice to see that People Magazine agrees with me. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, pull the sack off your head for goodness sakes!). Anyway, today I’m not talking about that kind of crush.

Today I’m talking about writerly love. I read far more than I write. Which is saying a lot. Lately I’ve been churning out around 1500 words a day (no, I’m not doing Nano… that’s another topic.) But that takes an hour or so, and I read for at least that much time daily. My only point in saying that is to demonstrate that I get to pick up new books on a fairly regular basis, and I usually have a few going at once. (This I cannot explain. I don’t do it consciously and am actually kind of turned off by the idea of not giving one book my full attention and yet, I do it.) Anyway, I’m falling precariously far from my point.

My new crush is probably familiar to most other authors – those working in the thriller genre certainly, perhaps YA. She’s the author of Gone Girl, which everyone but me seems to have read. Gillian Flynn is her name, and I’m enamored. I’ve just begun reading Sharp Objects… and I’m enthralled. I love her description, the tight but poetic language she pushes across the pages in a voice that is dark but relatable. Even the “about” section on her site has me wanting to emulate her.

I wonder what it is that makes this happen. I’ve read a lot of good books lately, but most of them were by more forgettable authors, with voices that are less haunting, less infatuating. What makes Flynn stand out to me? I aim to find out. I’m starting with her debut novel and I’m pretty sure I’ll be through her third by the time Thanksgiving is over. My only gripe is the Kindle book prices. I guess that’s what I get for falling in love with a New York Times Bestseller instead of one of my usual indies… more power to her. Hope my nine dollars goes to a good use.

Do you have author crushes? Who are they?