This weekend I am going away. ALL. BY. Myself. To a Westin hotel with a Heavenly Bed, thankyouverymuch. With NO children. (was that clear when I said all by myself? Cuz that is what that means, really.) It will be quiet (unless I make noise) and there will be no TV (unless I turn it on.) I don’t have to share ANYTHING with ANYONE, and I can even just not talk at all.
I have been planning this for months — at the suggestion of my very nice and wonderfully understanding husband. And I am ridiculously excited.

But Delancey, you say. What will you do with all that free time? Won’t you be bored?

I think not. I do have big plans to write. I’ve been stalling lately, actually, knowing that this was coming up and saving my efforts. Which I hope won’t lead to great disappointment if I don’t do much writing or if everything I produce is crap. But I do have big plans to spend most of the weekend writing. It might be too hot to actually leave the hotel anyway, so that bodes well for my efforts.

My fear is that in making this a BIG WRITING WEEKEND, I’ve overburdened myself with expectations. But I’ll take the gamble for the the weekend away, thanks.

Wish me luck! And wish my husband luck with those small people we call children. Ours sometimes act like possessed lumberjacks, and I hope they’ll go easy on him.