Writing the dreaded synopsis. and Be Not Afeared. Worth a look.
Though I’ve been procrastinating, this is inevitably in my future. I’m at the point where I am beginning to submit to the agents I met back in January who inquired about reading some or all of my book, In the Shadow’s Grasp. I’ve delayed a long while in submission, going through several major edits since then (luckily, the story I pitched is the one I wanted to end up with and not the one I had in January!) And now I’m thinking that six months is probably long enough and that if I wait much longer the whole point of shortcutting the initial query process may be pointless. One of the agents, I know, has already moved to another agency (luckily with forwarding address.)

Why do I feel like the whole submission process is such a secret? Humility mostly, I guess. The odds of anyone saying, Hey, this is great! I’d like to sign you! are so slim… that while I’m not saying it can’t happen, I doubt it will. And I’m not the type to get my hopes up. So I don’t want to get anyone else’s hopes up either. Or let them believe that I think so much of myself that I’d believe this were a possibility. I’d much rather get my rejections quietly or – perhaps, if Hell really has frozen over – tell them of my success once it’s assured.

So this is all I’ll say about submission. I’m on it. And it’ll be 6-8 weeks before the potential of any kind of response. So if you hear good news from me in August or September, you’ll know. And if you hear no news. You’ll know. Which won’t stop me.