I know I’ve been ignoring you. It isn’t so much that I haven’t wanted to write. I have. It’s more that I’ve allowed life to get in the way. I’ve actually been in a whole terrible cycle of dropping balls — good thing I don’t actually juggle my children. Physically, I mean.
In the last few weeks, I’ve missed a physical therapy appointment, forgotten to pay a bill, put off mailing my samples to the Be The Match registry (which you really should look into), and neglected to make a phone call to our insurance about a bill for urgent care for our kids from like…months ago. I’ve neglected some other things, too. Like laundry. Cleaning toilets. You know, pretty much everything.

I’d like to tell you that I have a good reason. That I’ve been so busy working on my writing that all else has fallen by the wayside. (Where the hell is the wayside, anyway? I think I have left a lot of stuff there.) In a way, this is true. I’ve had the first two chapters of my YA novel pretty well worked over by two different groups of readers (who are not my best friends or my mother). And it’s looking better than I thought.

Here’s my big struggle. And maybe you can weigh in. Should all YA be written in 1st person? I am in the middle of rewriting the whole damned thing to third person because I have always felt like 1st was just sort of…amateurish. But maybe YA needs that close up somewhat awkward inner voice to really connect it to the reader? I know that most of the YA I’ve read is written in first. But I wouldn’t mind avoiding comparisons to some of the really poopy YA that’s out there, too.

Weigh in, won’t you? Should YA be written in 1st person?