Okay, lazy might not be the right word. But I got you riled up, huh?
When you just can’t seem to get words on the page, what is really going on? I’ve seen a lot of consideration given lately to “writer’s block.” I assert that there is no such thing. There are a few concrete reasons — at least for me — when writing is not happening.

1. Simple time constraints. Life is getting in the way. This takes prioritization. For me, that is a re-commitment to getting up before the sun (and more importantly, anyone else in my family) and getting some work done. However, if I haven’t planned out what to write the night before — decided what scene to work on, which events to write, 4:30 a.m. is not the time that’s gonna happen. Which brings me to

2. Planning your work. Sure, as writers, we like to think that we’re fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pantaloons creative types, that we go where our bliss leads us or whatever. And perhaps that works for some people. But for me – and for most of the writers I’ve been lucky enough to talk with who have had any success in this world – writing must be approached like a business, or at least like a job. It takes planning and dedication. You lay out a strategy, whether it’s an outline or a brainmap, or whatever your choice of tool might be. If you know what you’re sitting down to accomplish, you’ll spend a lot less time staring at the screen.

3. Committing yourself. Even once you’ve made time and planned what you want to accomplish, if you don’t bring your best intentions to the desk, it probably won’t get done. If I sit down to write, but find that I can’t stop thinking about the talk I had with my son’s teacher at school about a potential learning disability, or about whether or not to grow my hair out, then I’m not really there to write. I’m not committed and it’s worth getting up and doing something else until I’ve got all three elements aligned.

Is your writer’s block real, or are you just giving a name to the manifestation of a few other things that are getting in your way? Worth a look…