Once upon a time, Delancey Stewart sat down to write a YA novel. Encouraged by the successes in this market that she’d seen recently achieved by other young (ahem) female writers who were new to the publishing game, she figured she could do it too. And quickly — like in a month — she wrote a first draft. Then she rewrote it entirely, and called it a second draft. Then she exposed it to the glaring light of day and realized that it still needed work. And she was tired.
So she began working on a couple other things. One of them had been plaguing her for years, and needed to find a home on paper. So she started that. And it was enjoyable. But then, out of nowhere, one early morning she found herself, half asleep at the keyboard, and she began writing something else.

The idea began as a story for her kids. Something they’d enjoy. They’re small, so she thought she’d start small. Maybe a short story. After all, they are short. But then it began to grow. And suddenly, Delancey finds herself hard at work on a middle grade chapter book. And it is the best thing she’s written. And she’s excited to work on it.

The question: WTF??? Has this happened to you? I’ve heard of characters commandeering a story and taking it in unexpected directions, but I have not heard before of an entire story forcing its way out like this. It’s kind of fun, don’t get me wrong — especially because it’s kind of a cool story (since I feel like I’m channeling it from somewhere else, I can say that, right?). But it’s just weird. And I keep thinking that I should get back to my malingering YA novel or get back to work on that other book I’ve had in my head for years. Or the new idea I had recently which I’m also really excited about. (I really wish I could just write all day. Damned job and life responsibilities.)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ve been hijacked. Nothing I post until further notice can be verified to have been written by me. At least not the me that I thought I was.