Since I seem to be fighting myself to get anything done on either of my in-progress novels, I’ve actually begun something new. (Somehow, I tell myself, this is different than all those years I spent never completing anything and jumping from one project to the next. I can’t explain how it is different, but I feel pretty certain that it is.) Anyway, I’m working on a short story. And it’s not YA. And it isn’t paranormal…at least not yet. And that isn’t the plan.
I might even… SHHHH, don’t tell anyone in case I chicken out… try to enter a contest or two. I have never put a ton of faith in needing those types of credentials, but all the same, it’d be a nice little ego boost to have something like that under my belt.

Have you entered fiction contests? What has your experience been like?

Wanna join me in the adventure? Here are a few that I’m looking at:

May Deadlines:

June Deadlines:

July Deadlines:

You’re probably getting the idea… there are literally thousands of possible markets that will reward work judged (by whatever particular judges are involved) to be good. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

** Added later after attempting to get some work done but getting distracted by reading amazing short stories like these by Jack London…

Ergh. Good. Right. Sure.