It’s our first year (back) on the East coast. Today it was 72 degrees. I put my youngest in shorts. We spent our afternoon (I only work at my “real job” till 2) out in the cul-de-sac with an assortment of other neighborhood kids, riding bikes and running around.
My bulbs, which began sprouting in late December, due to a ridiculously inconsistent winter here in the Mid-Atlantic, are finally beginning to bloom. And my fear of frost has almost subsided. I’d though that the squirrels had dug them all up, but my front beds are a circus of yellow and purple crocus and bright yellow daffodil. I’m waiting on the tulips — they’ll be more cautious and wait for mid-March, I’m sure.

I want to plant vegetables, but haven’t figured out where I can install a raised bed. We don’t get much sun in the back, and I’m not sure what the neighbors would think of tomatoes blooming along the driveway… Even if I don’t get my vegetable garden planted this year, I cannot express enough my joy at being far (FAR) removed from the Mojave desert where I fought the environment relentlessly (and fruitlessly) for the past four years. Yay for rain. Yay for organized kid activities!

(now you know what I’m doing when I’m not writing…)