I’m sharing one of my favorite childhood books with my four year old son right now. It’s been kind of a special surprise, being able to do so, because I didn’t think he was ready to be interested, quiet or focused for long enough to read a book like this. But he saw me reading a book last night (my most recent, and the first book I’ve read in paper in a while — “Those Who Save Us” by Jenna Blum), and asked if it was a “chapter book.” I hadn’t heard that term in a while, except for at the Writers Digest conference I attended in January, but pressed him a bit about where he’d heard it. I guess they are reading “chapter books” at preschool. I’m impressed (yay! Montessori education for preschool!) He asked if we could start reading “chapter books” at home and was disappointed that I didn’t have a boy book all ready to go.
What I did have was a book that I loved, with an inscription from my Aunt Virginia, reading “Merry Christmas, 1980.” I was eight years old when I read this book, y’all. Crazy. And I signed my name in it and gave it an A+!

So we started “The Way to Windra” by Patricia Goehner Baehr last night. And so far, so good. I never expected my crazy 4.5 year old son to be able to settle down and listen to a story… but it’s happening. Weirder yet, the 2 year old is quiet while I read.

Man, I love books. How cool to get to share my love already with my little guys.